2nd Taste & Culture Festival

Thessaloniki, a cultural crossroad of people, as well as a metropolis of culinary tastes, hosts for the second time the Taste Festival that was organized last year with great success at the Lazariston Monastery.

Our company will again participate in this, offering a unique gourmet trip via its tasty tests to the audience that seeks quality and taste, with its “Galaxy” branded products and ethnic culinary touches, while contributing at the same time to the emergence of our gastronomic Greek culture.

We will be gladly waiting for you today, Thursday and tomorrow, Friday, 18 -19 May 2017 from 18:30p.m. until 23:30p.m. at the T.I.F. HELEXPO grounds, and we will do our best to offer you once again a gourmet “travel” on the streets of taste …you will also have the chance to purchase the full range of our Valsamic Vinegar Creams and other products, so that you too will be able to create delicious surprises for you and your loved ones at your place!

Ticket cost: € 4.00 – you can taste our “bite” gourmet delicacy with no obligation to give us your coupon – it will be for free!