On the 24 -27.9.2016, we enjoyed four days of very strong presence and interaction with Chefs from all around the globe, via our participation at the WORLDCHEF CONGRESS & EXPO world conference of ChefS, held in HELEXPO’s facilities.

The World Congress of Chefs Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2016, brought together some 1000 chefs from around the world and presented to the public a dynamic range of speakers, including Hervé This, the ‘father’ of the molecular cuisine.

The conference hosted 34 speakers from around the world, each of which showed a different side of world gastronomy, while giving simultaneously a unique opportunity to show the international culinary community the gastronomy, culture and traditions of Greece in general and Thessaloniki specifically.

We presented our gourmet creams made from our balsamic vinegar to the elite of chefs and the decision makers of the major restaurants, hotels, etc.

A major factor that made us proud was the fact that a large number of the 1,000 chefs who honored with their presence the conference, passed by our exhibition stand tasting and evaluating very positive our 12 +1 creams that we produce in Thessaloniki’s Vassilika!