“TASTES OF GREECE” in Belgrade

We are proud to be actively involved in the important event that is organized by the Greek Embassy in Serbia, the “#Super VERO” Supermarkets and “#Enterprise Greece” from 1 till 25.6.2017, bearing “The Tastes of Greece” main promotional theme.

In the above context, and in direct co-operation with #Super VERO in Serbia and our representative company CON TRUCK LOGISTIC DOO, we started to carry out extensive promotional activities that originally took place at the S/M Super VERO 1, 3 and 4 in Belgrade and will continue to run for the month of June, at VERO 1 & VERO 3 on the following dates: 10-11.6, 17-18.6 and 24-25.6.

The event is materializing through Greek “corners” that were created within the above S/M, manned by chefs who prepare and offer Greek delicacies to the buying public, and special showcases have been deployed that dynamically promote the quality Greek food and beverage, among which a prominent place is reserved for the Balsamic Vinegar Creams of #Galaxy.

At the same time, in all of the above S/M, the customers can find our own promotional stands – manned by the “Galaxy” girls – where they are offered a selection of delicious food creations garnished with our Balsamic Vinegar Creams.

Moreover now, together with our Creams’ purchase, they also take home our brand new recipe booklet named “COOK BOOK”, where they can find 14 delicious recipies garnished with our Balsamic Vinegar Creams and Balsamic Vinegars!

Our thanks go to the #Super VERO Company and stores for their excellent cooperation and hospitality, and to CON TRUCK LOGISTIC D.O.O. for the perfect representation of our products in Serbia.