Perrotis College

At the end of November 2016, we held a Presentation – Seminar concerning the preparation – production and marketing of our products, at the “Perrotis” College (American Farm School) impressive educational installations in Thessaloniki.

The origins and the “culture” of balsamic vinegar and our balsamic cream were analyzed in depth, as well as the necessary “steps” that have to do with moving our products from production to marketing and from there to final consumption.

The presentations were held by the Food Technologist & Quality Assurance Manager of our company, Mr. Kokonas Constantine and our Marketing Manager, Mr. Ladopoulos Constantine.

A total of 30 students from the Food Science & Technology and Agro-Environmental Systems Management academic fields attended the presentation, and our production schemes were analyzed – manufacture of vinegar – balsamic vinegar – cream in our facilities as well as the necessary marketing activities for moving our products to the market(s).

The presentations ended up with tastings of our products by students in order to crystallize within their palates the aftertaste of our balsamic creams, manufactured in our facilities in Thessaloniki’s Vassilika.

We hereby wish to thank Ms. Maria Emmanouilidou and Dr. Tryfon Adamidis for their warm hospitality and their important contribution to the success of the Seminar.