The awards we received by the dedicated and prominent chefs from around the world – after a “blind” tasting – for  our brand new “Galaxy Barbeque Sauce” and for our Classic and Orange balsamic creams at the official event in Athens that was held by the International Institute of Flavor and Quality (iTQi) on Tuesday, June 26, 2018, once again made our team proud of our products.

Our constant strive for the gourmet delicacies we produce was certified for the third year for its TASTE and QUALITY by a team of specialized and outstanding Chefs and Sommeliers!

The photos  depict our General Manager, Mr. Polychronis Mavidis, with our award winning balsamic vinegar Classical and Orange Creams respectively, framed by Mrs. Eleni Tzikas, Quality Control Manager, and Mrs. Iro Anastasiou, Quality Control Assistant, holding our awards.