La Chef Levi

On Monday and Wednesday, the 4th & 6th of June 2016, we held a Seminar at the “la Chef Levi” culinary and pastry institute at Thessaloniki, where we presented our products and the method of production. The origin and background of the balsamic cream where also discussed. The presentation was made by Kokonas Konstantinos, food technologist & total quality manager of Galaxy SA.
All the students were very interested at the presentation and the participation was very high, proving the high educational standards that the students acquire at the institute. This was our wish too, as these students, in the future, will hold high responsibility and development posts in Greece and abroad.
The presentation was concluded with taste tests of our creams by the student-chefs so that they fully comprehend at their taste buds and palate, the aftertaste of the balsamic creams produced at our facilities.
We would like to thank Stelina Halatsi and Lampridis Dimitrios, food technologists for their hospitality and valuable contribution at the success of the Seminar.