Ioannis, Chryssa and the …French mustard!

Some encounters are fatal. Such is the case, with Chryssa meeting Ioannis… or with cheese & turkey sandwich meeting the French mustard! The spot with which Galaxy chose to present its new mustard, is a must-see!



On the one hand, the fresh faces of the protagonists stand out at first glance!

Chryssa and Ioannis are two different characters, with the common feature that “they write well on camera”, while both being extremely enjoyable! You never have enough of seeing them!



On the other hand, the script has humor, originality and proves that sometimes, the

simpler ideas, are enough for a … delicious result, as long as they are “treated” with the

appropriate creative touch. In exactly the same way that a simple – and sometimes

boring – sandwich with cheese and turkey can become an extremely enjoyable

proposal, by simply adding a secret ingredient: the most delicious

mustard in the whole galaxy!