Galaxy was awarded at the Chefs’ Choice Awards 2024

The Chefs’ Choice Awards took place for the second time in Greece, and Galaxy products received a significant number of awards. Among our products, the new range of mustard products in jars (Dijon mustard, mustard with Mediterranean herbs, and honey mustard) managed to stand out, winning the Chefs’ Choice Platinum Award. Our BBQ Sauce also won the Chefs’ Choice Platinum Award, along with the balsamic vinegar with Greek thyme honey, which received the Chefs’ Choice Award 2024.

The primary goal of the Chefs’ Choice Awards is to highlight the proposals, the range of ingredients, and the raw materials that have been rigorously tested in the kitchens of renowned chefs. The judging committee of the event consisted of acclaimed chefs who evaluated the products based on quality, innovation, and of course, taste, by trying them in high-speed kitchens.

The award ceremony for the Chefs’ Choice Awards 2024 took place on April 5 under the supervision of Boussias Events and the FOODReporter magazine. The event was attended by food producers and suppliers, renowned chefs, foodies, and of course, journalists.

We are particularly delighted because once again we managed to offer products that stand out in Greece and abroad thanks to their high standards of taste and quality.