Galaxy: Something new… has arrived, on the city streets!

If you move around the city streets, you have definitely seen it and if you have seen it, it is very likely that you just can’t take your eyes off it! This yummy new entry is out there exciting our palates! The delicious idea with which Galaxy has dressed the backs of the city’s busses is just too good to ignore: A flavorsome campaign that whets our appetite for unexpected taste adventures. Τhe new Galaxy mustards serve as our guide and the protagonist duet of Chryssa and Ioannis, the characters that we loved at first sight (and bite) in the online videos, are on board!

With the core message “Something new has arrived”, the well-known couple secretly (and sweetly) looks at a hearty dish, not so much for the big sized burger, but even more for the little plate with mustard that accompanies it.

Galaxy has found the most creative way to excite our… taste buds. It gives us a good idea of what to expect the first time we get to try its new mustards! The campaign is out since October and will continue to “run”, literally and metaphorically, until the Christmas holidays, adding flavor to our most exciting urban rides!