1st TIF-Helexpo Roadshow for Detrop & Oenos exhibitions

We participated at the 1st TIF-Helexpo Roadshow for Detrop & Oenos exhibitions, organized by “Places & Flavors”, in London, Berlin and Stockholm.

Three Food Stops, Three Cities – Each food stop a tasty experience by itself!

TIF – HELEXPO along with “Places & Flavors”, our Company and an eclectic assortment of selected producers, carved new promotional trails for our Greek food products.

The 1st Detrop & Oenos Road Show 2017 travelled in three European metropolitan centers – namely, London, Berlin and Stockholm, having as the ultimate objective the promotion of Greek food products and their consolidation in foreign markets, strengthening in the meanwhile the “Greek Product” brand name throughout Europe.

The welcoming tables groomed food and beverage professionals from all sectors – catering professionals, hotel f & b managers, wholesale & retail importers, wine and spirit importers as well as the commercial Attachés of the Greek Embassy in each country, who honored us with their presence.

All products were exhibited to every restaurant in their original packaging and the attendees and guests had the unique experience of tasting everything in the menu curated by the famous chef Jotta Mitsiou-Polychronidou in collaboration with the chefs of the respective restaurants.

Our balsamic vinegars and our balsamic creams again had a field day, on the tables of the following restaurants:

LONDON (U.K.), October 12-13, 2016, “The Life Goddess” restaurant
BERLIN (Germany), November 07-08, 2016, “Pratirio” restaurant
STOCKHOLM (Sweden), November 10-11, 2016, “Greken på Hörnet” restaurant