A night to remember

A night to remember

Last Saturday, 28.7.2018, was a festive day (or rather a night, in order to be more accurate…) for our company, since the management of our Firm organized a dinner for its employees at the @ Alkyonides “Alkyonides” tavern in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, which was accompanied by the nostalgic rembetiko musical notes under the direction of Mr. Polychronis Mavidis and his “Galaxy” orchestra who managed to escort the excellent food we enjoyed (thanks to the delicious delicacies of Lefteris and Panagiotis Katidides brothers, garnished of course with the creams of our balsamic vinegar and the balsamic vinegar of “Galaxy”) for a three-hour uninterrupted time period.


This event was even more important and moving for us all, since Mr. Nikos and Mrs. Sotiria Mavidou, our company’s founders – which will soon celebrate its 50-year presence on the Greek and international markets – honored the event with their presence.


As anticipated, the soiree rolled very cheerfully and ended up in the best possible way since we also cut the New Year cake (in the form of apple pie and chocolate desserts) and had the lucky winners among our staff who, after winning the lucky gold coins that were within the exquisite sweets offered by the company, also won great prizes!


A night to remember…