Galaxy – SOTIRIA MAVIDOU & SONS O.E.’s corporate values stand for total quality,
constant innovation, and business relationships based upon trust.

For nearly half a century now, we manufacture food products that are distinguished for their quality and taste, always with respect to our consumers and the Greek diet alike.

Grape and Apple Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar & Creams, Lemon Juice and our Lemon Dressing, fully complement all traditional cuisine as well as gourmet meals.

Skillfully managed by the second generation heirs, our Company has evolved and today is a fully modernized production facility, spanning 2000 m2, constantly enhancing its products, innovating new flavors, yet always been deeply rooted to its past philosophy and values (selection of the best ingredients, creation of trust relationships with our suppliers and clients alike, continuous support in its R&D).

As a result, the development of new food stuffs and the evolution of our current production is an unrelenting procedure to us, made all the better through improved hygiene, safety & working conditions.

Food Safety and Quality Assurance Management Systems ISO 22000 & ISO 9001 are applied from 2005 onwards, upon the full spectrum of our production, concerning the following: plastic bottles and caps’ production, food stuffs’ production as well as bottling. We also are accredited with the IFS Food Standard Higher Level and we have been FDA registered. Also our products have been certified Halal.

The above certifications provide peace of mind for all existing and prospective clients in what concerns the full assortment of our own branded products as well as the Private Label products we manufacture for our clientele for the domestic and our exports markets.


International Taste & Quality Institute Award

In 2016, we sent five of our most popular “Galaxy” Balsamic Cream flavors (Classical, Orange, Fig, Pomegranate & Lemon) to participate and compete at the internationally esteemed iTQi SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD competition. Said event is the benchmark for nominating food products of the highest quality and exceptional taste.

We were honored to receive TWO HIGHEST QUALITY STARS for the Ultimate Taste of both our Balsamic Creams. This, to us, is the tangible proof that our constant efforts to produce and distribute quality and tasteful food stuffs is truly recognized by the international connoisseurs.